Louis Vuitton Ads Banned After Design House Misled Customers By Suggesting Its Bags Were Hand-stitched

How the Louis Vuitton Cup changed the sport

Despite ads showing a ‘seamstress with linen thread’ and boasting of ‘infinite patience’, bags bearing the trademark pattern of an interwoven ‘L’ and ‘V’ are predominantly created by machine. Misleading: Despite ads showing a ‘seamstress with linen thread’, bags bearing the trademark interwoven ‘L’ and ‘V’ are predominantly created by machine The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) will today ban both advertisements. Louis Vuitton has argued the ads pay ‘homage to the craftsmanship’ of its employees rather than an accurate depiction of the manufacturing process. Three people complained to the ASA, saying they did not believe the designer bags were made entirely by hand. And after being challenged by the ASA, the designers admitted that sewing machines had been used, but said production of the bags was ‘not automated’ and that there were over 100 stages in the making of each bag.

Tips To Keep Your Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton Z0105w Louis Vuitton and Other Authentic Designer Purses and Handbags in Flawless Condition

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When street art meets runway style

Jean Paul Gaultier featured graffiti-inspired looks in his Fall/Winter 2012 fashion show.

Jones father was English, his mother Danish, and although born in London in 1979 he grew up in Africa. Ive always travelled Ive travelled since I was three months old, says Jones. Its something I could never not think of doing. I love going to new countries, I love going to new places. Theres very few places in the world I would not go back to. Hes been in Bali for three weeks over the summer, then travels to Paris, London and America.

Bagheads: Chapman brothers and designers Kim Jones give a dark twist to classic Louis Vuitton luggage

Come fly with me: How Dirk Bogarde’s great-niece became pop’s brightest young star... Birdy

“Fashion a lot of times comes from the street,” he said in a phone interview. The Metropolitan Museum of Art displayed through last month a punk fashion exhibit that has been featured in Vogue magazine. Bloch noted that many designers also showed punk-inspired pieces in their fall 2013 fashion shows. Fresh inspiration is the lifeblood of fashion. “Especially in the creative worlds, it’s necessary for survival,” Bloch said. “They need a new spin.” The growing series of fashion designers collaborating with street artists comes from a long history of fashion interacting with art high and low. Bloch cited collaborations between artist Robert Pruitt and fashion brand Jimmy Choo , and noted a historic collection by designer Yves Saint Laurent that pulled clear inspiration from the color blocking seen in Piet Mondrian’s iconic artwork.

Louis Vuitton Prize Giving Gala at the Fairmont


Round-robin qualifying races begin Sunday, and continue until the start of the semifinals on Aug. 6, with the finals running from Aug. 17 to 30. “The first Vuitton Cup was a big deal,” Trouble said. “We got a lot of coverage for that.” Despite the low number of challengers vying this year for the chance to go up against defender Oracle Team USA in September, Trouble is pleased with what is expected to be unprecedented coverage of the regatta by national networks led by NBC. He also said this year’s competition continues another long tradition of the Louis Vuitton Cup. “We have great memories of the big personalities involved in the Cup,” Trouble said.

Shop Louis Vuitton at consignment prices

Gluten free lunch

defender. Since then there have been seven Louis Vuitton regattas and the winner has gone on to win the Americas Cup four times. This led to the slogan, To win the Americas Cup, first win the Louis Vuitton Cup. Will this year prove to be true to that famous saying? Americans Cup Finals and Festivities continue through until September 21st.

John Muller, style expert and co-founder of LuxurysCloset ( http://www.luxuryscloset.com ), has a few pointers on how to get the most from your handbag investment. 1)Handbag Preparation: The first step is to treat the bag with a leather protector, which will protect it from many minor stains that may occur down the line. 2)Pack Light: Never overload a luxury bag, as this can lead to major strain on the straps, which may have to be repaired down the line. Also, filling a purse to maximum capacity can cause the bag to become misshapen, ruining its overall appearance. 3)Keep it Clean: Dirt, oil, and sweat can quickly turn a cherished Louis Vuitton bags into a spotty mess. Therefore, it is always a good idea to only handle these luxury items with clean hands. Also, avoid placing it on the ground for even a short while. The three-second rule is a no-go when it comes to high fashion, and so for less than $20 bucks a purse hanger is the perfect companion for your luxury bag.


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